Search Engine Marketing Audits

Having pains? The doctor is in.

We conduct search engine marketing audits for many different types of organizations. Some of them have internal teams that handle their SEM, some have a third-party provider and some don’t have any idea of their search engine condition. Whatever position you find yourself in, we can give you a highly-qualified group of eyes to analyze your SEO and PPC efforts, and then turn it into an actionable list of tasks to complete.

Often, we are approached by business owners or executives that want to ensure their search engine marketing team has everything correct, for a better explanation of the business’s online condition, or for recommendations and training for their team – all in plain English. Not only are we great at diagnosing problems, we’re also great at explaining and teaching to those that don’t speak “geek”.

Some areas that we can cover in a search engine marketing audit include:

  • Onsite SEO Isssues
  • Technical SEO Audits
  • Penalty and Algorithm Analysis
  • Local & Social Citations
  • Keyword Ranking & Mapping
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Backlink Profiles
  • Conversion Optimization & Tracking
  • PPC Campaign Structure
  • PPC Strategy and Opportunities
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Ad Extensions, PLAs and Display

Whether you want a true read on how your online marketing efforts are going, want to make sure that you’re getting full value from your search engine marketing team, or just know that you need to be doing better – TM can help give you answers with one of our search engine marketing audits. Contact us today to get started.

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