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Colors actually affect our daily lives more than the average person may realize. It’s been proven that every color has its own unique effect on …

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5 Tips for a Healthy Website in 2015


The New Year always brings a time for reflection, both personal and professional. We resolve to “Get a promotion!” or “Run that ½ marathon!” (Okay, …

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Sass Allows You to Remember the Important Things


Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets, or Sass, is a language that extends CSS3 and allows you to focus on the nuances of your code instead of some the repetitive details.

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Partnership with LiquidPixels Offers Best in Online Imaging


We have partnered with LiquidPixels to provide our customers with the best dynamic online imaging services on the web! Learn more about our new partnership here.

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The jQuery Plugins We Love


At Trademark Productions we are big fans of jQuery and what it allows us to do in JavaScript. Read about our favorite jQuery tools!

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