How Apps Have Changed Our Lives


Can a mobile application truly change our behavior? It’s an interesting concept to consider.  The way we communicate and socially interact is more or less channeled …

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The Marketing Strategy That Will Deliver Success

Featured banner marketing strategy

Show of hands – who likes roller coasters? Ok, great. I’m sure we have some adrenaline junkies amongst our readers. Now who likes when their …

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Tech & STEM Education in Detroit and Beyond


STEM, the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics has been the subject of debate and discussion for the past several years. Its implications far-reaching, …

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Brochureware Websites: The Pros & Cons


Brochureware is a term coined in the early web era that referred to static webpages that are produced by taking a brands printed brochure and …

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Stockyard: A Detroit Culinary Dream


Two years have passed since Marc Bogoff, founder of Stockyard, served his first dinner in Pontiac, MI. Since then, news of Stockyard’s cuisine has spread …

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