Tech & STEM Education in Detroit and Beyond


STEM, the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics has been the subject of debate and discussion for the past several years. Its implications far-reaching, …

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Brochureware Websites: The Pros & Cons


Brochureware is a term coined in the early web era that referred to static webpages that are produced by taking a brands printed brochure and …

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Stockyard: A Detroit Culinary Dream


Two years have passed since Marc Bogoff, founder of Stockyard, served his first dinner in Pontiac, MI. Since then, news of Stockyard’s cuisine has spread …

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Interview Tips That’ll Help You Land the Job


What’s on the agenda? Dario: “Today, we’re talking about work.” Dwight: “You mean, working the dance floor?” Dario: “No, Dwight. The real kind of work!” …

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Are You Mobile Friendly?

Mobile Friendly

                  It’s not just a whisper of a suggestion anymore, mobile is here- and its here in …

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