Five Website Design Tips to Enhance Conversions

In the haste to build and/or maintain a website, frequently the finer points of design are pushed to the fringe in favor of perceived priorities.  …

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Six Steps to Promoting your Business Online

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It’s safe to say that owning and promoting a business in this day and age is far different than it was twenty or thirty years …

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The Competitive Edge

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The Next Level The best athletes are always looking for ways to improve their game. The NBA’s Michael Beasley1 spent the 2011 lockout doing ballet …

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PubCon Coupon Code, Discount Code NOLA 2014


Use code “rc-6349720″ for 20% off at checkout.   I know, shameless self-promotion as I am speaking once again about “Online Reputation Management” however, there …

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TruReview Helps with More Than Just Reviews

TruReview Featured Image is a new service that can help your company with your online reputation management, local SEO citations and also provide you with valuable feedback about your business and employees. By introducing your staff to customers before they meet for the first time, you are helping to give your customers piece of mind in the capabilities of your staff. Once the appointment is done, you ask for an honest review of your staff’s performance.

If everything doesn’t go perfectly, you have the opportunity to publicly respond to the negative feedback and make things right. But, it gets even better! TruReview can also help your company show up better in search engines and help with your reputation online. Read our full summary of TruReview to find out more.

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