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How Many of Google+’s 500 Million Users are Really Active?

Google announced that its social network, Google+, now has 500 million members, but are enough active to make the new Google+ Communities worth it?

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Trademark Productions SEO Webtalk Radio

Optimizing Your Company’s Pinterest & Google Panda 22

Listen to the latest SEO Web Talk Radio Show from TM to learn how to properly optimize your company’s Pinterest page and what Google Panda 22 means for SEO.

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Google Launches Authorship Analytics in Google+

Are Google Authorship Analytics on their way to Google+ profiles? That’s what Girlfriend Social CEO Amanda Blain is claiming. Here’s what it could mean for SEO.

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Are Facebook Promoted Posts Hurting Small Businesses?

Is Facebook actively trying to make brands pay for reach they were getting for free six months ago? That’s what Dwight and I discuss in this week’s TM SEO Web Talk Radio Show!

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Google+, Social Signals are the Stars at PubCon Vegas

Social signals and Google+ were the biggest stars at PubCon Vegas 2012. Read about what we think social signals, reviews Google+ mean for search engine optimization moving forward.

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Google Panda Turns 20 & Facebook Hits the Magic Number

This week has been a big one for those in the web industry. Google released a very significant Panda update, Facebook reached 1 billion users and we now have empirical evidence of the importance of localization.

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Meta Keywords are Back & Panda’s Feeling Refreshed

If Google does anything besides everything else it does well, it’s great at keeping webmasters on their toes. Here’s what you need to know about all the latest updates. n

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Trademark Productions SEO Webtalk Radio

Google Keeps Webmasters Guessing & Pres. Obama’s AMA

We’re back! The TM SEO Web Talk Radio Show is returning this fall as a weekly podcast. In our newest podcast, we discuss the latest Google Panda update, as well as Pres. Obama’s AMA.

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Why Social Media is Important Even for B2B Businesses

Social media is often overlooked as an appropriate advertising avenue for business-to-business companies, but it can hold more value than many people realize.

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Evernote Gets Physical with Moleskine

In an increasingly paperless world, Evernote was the last company we thought would promote physical note taking. But it’s partnership with Moleskine shows just that.

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Twitter Tips Five Tips for Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool

What started with a single tweet in 2006 and a minuscule user base has grown into an internet sensation, forever changing the way people communicate.  Twitter now houses 271 million monthly active users, sending over 500 million tweets per day.  With …

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