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The world known as the internet has the potential for an infinite amount of possibilities. These possibilities aren’t limited to who you are or what you do. Anyone and everyone can tap into the internet and leave their footprint. One of the major pushes the internet is seeing is the dominance of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These social media websites can be utilized both by individuals and companies in various effective ways.

One individual, who has shifted his gears to mastering internet and social media marketing, is Michael Angelo Caruso. He is a professional speaker, who has made a career out of public speaking, sales training, and now internet and social media marketing. Caruso is the President of Edison House LLC, which is a communications consulting service based out of Detroit, Michigan. He has delivered thousands and thousands of speeches all that deal with a topic in communications.

We had a chance to sit down with Caruso for our Trademark Productions podcast to discuss his current endeavors and to gain some of his insight on social media. Caruso will also be speaking with our own, Dwight Zahringer at the Internet Marketing Conference, October 22nd in Beverly Hills, Michigan. This conference will be an all day seminar that is designed for anyone and everyone that wants to learn about how to utilize the internet and internet marketing.

“This conference was developed to open the door for people to see all of the potential and possibilities that internet has. I think about 10 or 12 years ago I read a statistic that said the average person only uses about 19 percent of his computer’s capacity. Maybe 80 percent of the computer’s capability goes unused,” said Caruso.

People are only using their computer for basic stuff such as; surfing the internet, writing an e-mail, creating a word document, and etc. Caruso believes the same statement can be made about the internet. Sure people use Mapquest, Google, and Wikipedia as resources, but the internet has a lot more to off to the average person. There is not just financial benefit here, although that’s what internet marketing is all about, but there is also a whole lot more. The internet has the ability to connect people and allow us to learn a lot more than we already do.

“I think internet marketing is just a place that someone can not only supplement their income; they could create a whole new career from applications online,” stated Caruso.

With all those possibilities surely people are going to have questions on how they can bring this idea to fruition.  The Internet Marketing Conference is designed to do just that. Answer all of these questions and open up the minds of individuals to utilize the internet as a tool, a resource, and a form of income.

Michael Caruso QuoteCaruso has become a master of communication consulting under his company Edison House. “The idea is that under this umbrella, Edison House, I have three revenue streams. They are speaking, publishing and consulting,” stated Caruso. Being able to fully understand and teach others how to understand these three aspects of communication has allowed Caruso to dive into the depths of internet and social media marketing.

“The hottest, freshest, newest and most exciting form of marketing is social media marketing such as Facebook and Twitter. Surprisingly a lot of people still don’t know what that’s about, but they should because it’s not going to go away.”

Caruso is right the Facebook and Twitter databases continue to grow daily. More and more people are getting connected and making these social media sites ritualistic to their day. These social media sites allow users to help create an internet presence which is one of the things people don’t usually use the computer for. The internet gives you the ability to lay down your own internet footprint. This footprint represents some sort of internet presence that allows you to be recognized by the click of a mouse. People can just Google your name and if you are using the internet correctly something will come up.

“They better see more than just a birth certificate if they search your name online.  What have you been doing with your time?” says Caruso.

People want to see what you are doing, how you are using the internet, and if nothing is there you are not visible. The simple name search is turning into an addition of that one-page resume you submit to companies. This explains why it is important and beneficial to have an internet footprint.

“That’s not a good thing.  In today’s world you don’t want to be average,” stated Caruso.

Caruso believes that everyone has something they are good at. Everybody has a talent and that talent can allow them to stick out and be anything, but average if utilized correctly. The problem is, not everyone knows how to assess their talent or in some cases talents. Everybody has intellectual property value. What it is they are missing is the delivery system needed to capitalize and to start earning money. The analogy used by Caruso was becoming an author. You use to have to go to a major city, get the deal, and get a distributor in order to get something published. Now you don’t have to have any of those things. Caruso explains, “All you have to do is have an internet presence and a delivery system online like a blog.”

“One of the things that a lot of people don’t know is the search engines like blogs better than websites.  I could say for some time, blogs are the new websites,” stated Caruso.

Search engines love new content and blogs are always being updated. Blogs can find themselves up there on the first page of Google searches. Websites take longer to update and can be considered more general or static than blogs. This makes blogs a great place to start when you are trying to lay your internet footprint down. This is evident according to Caruso, but companies should both have a blog and website. Knowing the importance of blogs in social internet marketing, along with Facebook and Twitter, there has to be the next big idea brewing somewhere.

“One of the things that I know that a lot of people are feverishly working on is merging Facebook with legitimate business tools,” stated Caruso.

It is hard to get people to divert their attention or even time on Facebook to any businesses’ personal websites. Lets face it people are not on Facebook to be bombarded by companies with attention seeking missiles. They are on there to have fun and enjoy themselves. However, if businesses can utilize an opt-in box on their Facebook page causal visitors would be able to interact with the business right on Facebook.

Facebook is just one of the social internet giants. Two other vehicles of social internet marketing that are becoming very popular in their own right, is Twitter and LinkedIn. To use these websites effectively you have to develop a relationship.

According to Caruso the key to doing this is, “On all three of the social media platforms, you must first be interested, and then second you should be interesting.  If you’re interested, that means you’re asking questions.” Instead of posting just close ended statements for example, “I had fun at the zoo.” Try posting statements that will create dialogue for example, “I had fun at the zoo. What’s your favorite animal?”

Twitter has become very prolific and is used by numerous individuals as a social media outlet. The problem with Twitter is that it is complicated to monetize all the work being done.  Twitter gives you the ability to share links with people which can put you in a position of authority. If someone is posting a few times a day on a specific topic such as fishing, they will begin to be recognized as someone who knows something about fishing. Eventually their internet presence or footprint will grow.

“Over time, what happens as you build your internet profile, your internet presence, your internet footprint, people will start to perceive you as somebody who actually knows what they’re talking about,” stated Caruso.

Caruso is very passionate about teaching and sharing personal advice to help someone out. To learn more about Caruso and his ideas visit Edison House LLC. If you are interested in hearing him speak along with our own Dwight Zahringer, check out the Internet Marketing Conference on October 22nd in Beverly Hills, Michigan.

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