WordPress, in all of its glory, is an open-source blogging and content management system (CMS) with infinite possibilities. That’s right, infinite. From themes, to client …

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Making Customers Happy While Growing Your Business

Is the Client Number One? For some of you, this question may seem like a no-brainer and you may be thinking, “Of course the client …

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Tech & STEM Education in Detroit and Beyond

STEM, the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics has been the subject of debate and discussion for the past several years. Its implications far-reaching, …

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Brochureware Websites: The Pros & Cons

Brochureware is a term coined in the early web era that referred to static webpages that are produced by taking a brands printed brochure and …

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Detroit soup event via www.cultivatedwit.com

Crowdfunding: How to be Successful

Crowd funding, as its name implies, is a funding method by which a large group of people make individual monetary donations to invest in a …

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