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Outrageous Pronunciations of FIFA World Cup Players Names

Written by on Jun. 19, 2014

During the FIFA World Cup, millions of people around the world are focused on a single sporting event. We decided to see if Americans are really paying attention, by asking fans to pronounce the names of players on the World …

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2014 FIFA World Cup Compared to the Net Worth of Celebrities

Written by on Jun. 13, 2014

The FIFA World Cup has grown to become the largest sporting event in the world.  So what is the cost of the biggest global sporting event on the globe? For those of you who can’t get enough FIFA action, we’ve …

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fifa tm soccer ball

FIFA Marketing Play Offs

Written by on Jun. 13, 2014

A tournament between the brands … The World Cup is undeniably one of the largest marketing platforms in the world.  While “soccer” might be called “football” in other parts of the world, the World Cup easily dwarfs the Super Bowl …

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