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Founded in Royal Oak, MI in 1998, Trademark Productions, Inc. is a boutique web and online marketing agency that has been rockin’ the web since well before all the cool kids were doing it. Comprised of a dynamic team that is in house, our squad artfully blends academic wisdom with self taught “on the job learning” honed over the last decade.

In an era when everyone is a web developer, SEO expert, social media guru and PR assassin, we stick to one of our founding principles: we are bottom-line driven. Meaning, you won’t get smoke and mirrors incarnated as pretty monthly reports that don’t amount to much. You’ll get an honest assessment of your web and online marketing needs matched to a strategic action plan. We’re not interested in the quick sell or price chopper approach – we prefer to cultivate relationships with our clients. We build websites that are a valuable business marketing tool; if succeeding online is important to your business or brand then we are your team. In the near fifteen years since our founding, we’ve successfully built thousands of websites, developed numerous custom software applications and managed online marketing campaigns, all of which helped our clients expand their business and sales online.

Who We Are

  • Brains and brawn – Our education didn’t end with a piece of paper, that was just the beginning. Our staff is continually re-investing in additional training and education and most of our staff is self-taught through industry experience.
  • Teachers, consultants and guides – We want you to understand what we do, why we do it and why it is the right solution for you.
  • We’re a “web only” company – If it’s online, we probably do it. And if it’s offline, we know how to close the loop to digitize all your sales and marketing efforts.
  • Proof is in the pudding – We’ve built over a thousand website projects – From 10 hour easy stuff to 1,000+ hour software projects.
  • We’re insourced – 15 full-time, passionate professionals that work in-house and collaborate with each other. We don’t outsource.
  • We’re considerate partners – We want a relationship, even after your website is launched. Cuddling optional, mutual-respect required.
  • We’re not “that guy” – Most of our clients came to us because someone else sold them a bill of goods that amounted to nothing. We’re not that guy and we’re ready to earn your trust.
  • Want to get to know us better? Schedule a meeting with us.

Our Management Team

Dwight Zahringer, CEO

Did you know Dwight was turned down by the Real World and has at least 150 different business analogies involving food and active lifestyle? Dwight began his creative career in the 80s in desktop publishing, but switched to web in the 90s and formed TM in the process. He speaks regularly at local, regional and national conferences on the topics of SEO and Online Reputation Management and has a great creative mind when approaching opportunities. A serial entrepreneur, Dwight has started, run or sold several other online companies during the course of his career.

Dean Duncan Jones, COO

Dean’s been working full-time since he was 12 years old, and as far as we know, he’s only ever taken two vacations. His career on the web began in 2000 as a developer, and after years of success, he eventually switched his focus to consulting and SEM. However, along the way he has had several other exciting (and interesting) job titles, but we’ll let him retain the bragging rights. Dean’s a pragmatist and always approaches things from the logical angle. He’s hard to “get” sometimes, but you’ll be glad to know him once you do. In addition to keeping things smooth at TM, Dean focuses his efforts on some of our clients’ larger and more unique challenges and campaigns.

Tyler Fraser, Creative Director

Tyler had a dream that he built intricate crop circles on top of a baseball diamond. Those darn creative types; always coming up with something cool. But in reality, he started busting out slick code-moves when he was 16, taught himself what he needed to know with HTML and CSS, and hasn’t stopped since. With his father being a lifelong artist, it was only natural to combine his interest in code with his gene for creativity. His ever-evolving aesthetic eye allows him to pinpoint what’s best for any type of business, and his combined knowledge of code and design has helped him be an effective mediator between his team and the client.

Dario Chiarini, Communications Director

Dario once slept on a train station bench and then hitchhiked to his final destination – and lived to tell about it! Dario has worked in nearly every facet of marketing communications, from event marketing to public relations to social and internet marketing. He prides himself on being progressive and has evolved in sync with the rapidly changing marketing landscape to stay on top of what’s current and what’s next. With nearly fifteen years experience, Dario has successfully developed and implemented integrated strategies for brand and product introductions nationwide with a strategic, creative and results-oriented approach.

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